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Visiting Unwound

Colleen Taber’s shop mascot, a miniature dachshund named Lizabeth, gives free snuggles to visitors looking for unique and high-quality brands of yarn. “If you sit in one of our comfy chairs, she will most likely jump in your lap,” says Taber.  

Once you’re settled in—or while you’re wandering through Unwound Yarn, getting a feel for the selection that ranges from warm and wooly to light and lacy—Taber herself will gladly take over with answers to all your knitting or crocheting questions. “I didn’t know how to knit until about a year before I bought the shop,” she says. “But I like knitting because it allows me to be active while being calm and settled.”

Taber also likes the idea of keeping the art of knitting alive and passing it on to others—through private lessons in her store, or as gifts. “I just finished a blanket for my younger daughter who doesn’t live near me,” she says. “I told her that each stitch had love and prayers embedded, and that just holding it would keep me close to her.” 


by..Robin Sutton Anders for OUR STATE Magazin

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