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Our People

Our People consist of our Sales Associates and our Customers.

Our Associates are Linda, Shelley, Colleen (& Lizabeth). 

  • Linda has been with Unwound since before I bought the shop in 2015. 
  • Shelley has been with us since 2017.  Both of these women have been knitting for a very long time.
  • Colleen - the owner - learned to knit at Unwound about a year before purchasing the shop.  
  • Lizabeth isn't interested in knitting - just visiting with customers and acting a Chief Security Officer.

Our "regulars" are an integral part of out business.  Chris and Nancy are important to our success.  They knit samples for our displays along with teaching various classes.

Visitors are very important to our business.  We look forward to when we can all join around the knitting table and exchange patterns, ideas and LAUGHS.